Kwik Stop – Stops bleeding on contact

•For use on dogs, cats, and birds
•Perfect for nail trimming, minor cuts
•Reclosable 14 gram bottle

Oh, no! You’re trimming nails and you’ve cut too close! Don’t cry, reach for your Styptic Powder! Stops bleeding on contact. Veterinarians use styptic powder as an aid in the control of bleeding wounds. Styptic Powder can be used for nail cutting, beak trimming, and minor cuts. It is a safe, antiseptic powder used by veterinarians and pet owners. We use it with our dogs and it is fantastic. One reclosable bottle will last for months if not longer. A 14 gram bottle is about the size of a 35mm film container.

Ingredients: Ferric Subsulfate, Aluminum Chloride, Diatomite, Bentonite, Copper Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride, Benzocaine